Manufacturer Showcase - Part 3 - Renaissance dwarfs

1. Marauder MiniaturesThey've been OOP for close to two decades now, but the Marauder dwarfs still remain some of the best Renaissance style dwarfs out there. Ebay is a good source.

2. Wargames Foundry:

Foundry does a small range of Landsknechts dwarfs.


3. Fenryll Miniatures

French manufacturer of resin fantasy figures, including a nice dwarf cannon. Only downside is they are a bit on the large side.


4. Bronze Age Miniatures

US-based company making 32mm dwarfs, including landsknecht dopplesoldners and civilians.


5. Black Hat Miniatures

Black Hat took over the small fantasy range from Crusader Miniatures. They are not full-on landsknecht dwarfs, but have a distinct renaissance vibe. The range includes command, handgunners, halberdiers, axemen, a cannon...


6. Alionas Miniatures

A German manufacturer offering figures with old school charm, including some Marauder-esque dwarfs. They aren't quite landsknecht style, but still look interesting.


7. The Battleforge

Uk-based manufacturer of characterful fantasy figures, including some dwarfs with renaissance influences. For some reason, the newer releases are only availaible through their ebay store.

Website: http://www.thebattleforge.co.uk/
Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/fromfireandflame

8. WK Dwarfs

Not a commercial range, but my personal privately commissioned (and growing) landsknecht dwarf range that you can find to the left of this post. :)

9. Beaumont Miniatures

Sold through Armorcast, this small ecclectic range has a dwarf "gong farmer" sculpted by Brad Shier. For when your privies need cleaning...

10. Ilyad Games

OOP French fantasy range including some suitable dwarfs. Hard to find now. Image taken from Stunties.

11. QT Models/Amazon Miniatures

An older, but relatively extensive range of renaissance styled dwarfs, of the tall and slim variety. Image was taken from Stunties (as the Amazon site is down).

12. RAFM Miniatures

This American company does (or did, I couldn't locate them) a small range of conquistador dwarves, also of the tall and slim variety. Image is taken from Stunties.

13. Renegade Miniatures

Renegade apparently have a small range of landsknecht style dwarfs that is as of yet unreleased. Picture is taken from Stunties.

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