Manufacturer Showcase - Part 5 - Renaissance Greenskins

1. Wargames Foundry:

Foundry does a range of Landsknechts orcs in two sizes (ogresized and orcsized) and the occasional goblin. All sculpted by Kev Adams to a pretty high standard. You could even throw in some of their regular orcs as more poorly dressed contemporaries.


2. Black Hat Miniatures

Black Hat took over the small fantasy range from Crusader Miniatures. Their buccaneer orcs aren't fullblown landsknecht orcs like the Foundry one, but they do have a distinct renaissance vibe. The range includes command, handgunners, halberdiers, swordsmen,


3. Black Scorpion Miniatures
This UK-based manufacturer does something called a grongoid fairy catcher which is vaguely orclike. OK, I'll admit this one's a stretch, but I like it and somehow it fits.


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