Manufacturer Showcase - Part 4 - Renaissance Elves

Not many companies currently produce Elves in Renaissance outfits, but there are a few around nonetheless.

1. Foundry Miniatures

The Foundry has a small range of "revenant" elves who may be used as either Imperial Elves or Vampires, depending on how they are painted. They come with cherubs that might also be useful. I belive these were sculpted by Mark Copplestone.


2. Mirliton
This Italian manufacturer bought the old Grenadier Fantasy Warriors moulds when Nemo Miniatures went out of business. The range includes some Renaissance themed Dark Elves, sculpted by the talented Mark Copplestone. There are spearelves, crossbowelves, swords and bucklers, boltthrowers, cavalry, condor riders...


3. Terrain Warehouse

This UK-based company also produces the aforementioned Grenadier Dark Elves and while their back catalogue seems less extensive than Mirliton, they do offer a chance to buy single figures if you don't want to commit to whole packs.

There seems to be some dispute as to who really holds the right to the UK Grenadier-moulds since these would appear to be claimed by EM-4 (who does however not currently produce the figures).


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