Manufacturer Showcase - Part 2 - Fantasy Landsknecht Humans

The fantasy part of the human renaissance showcase. Some of these figures als feature in the size comparison pages of this blog. Depending on your own preferences, you could include other, more loosely renaissance inspired figures from other manufacturers, but for this showcase, I'm sticking with those that reflect the landsknecht style or are closely inspired by the GW Empire setting.

1. Games Workshop

GW's Empire range needs no introduction obviously. The range includes infantry, cavalry, warmachines, characters, ...


2. Gamezone Miniatures

Spanish manufacturer of Fantasy miniatures including a Renaissance themed human range called "Imperium". Most of them are Spanish themed, but some are more general, landsknecht themed.


3. Armalion/Das Schwarze Auge

Originally a German range of fantasy figures, including some Renaissance themed ones, now produced by Ral Partha Europe in the UK. There are some male and female characters as well as some nice crossbowmen.


4. Lead Adventure Miniatures

German manufacturer of a growing range of 28mm Fantasy Landsknechts. They are pretty fantastic looking.


5. Freebooter Miniatures

German company doing a fantasy pirate game which includes a range of "Imperials", some of which are female.


6. Mirliton

Italian company that, among other things, now produces the old Grenadier Fantasy Warriors range. The human faction of that range is on average slightly early to really fit well, but some of the figures, including the knights and characters, work well. They are gorgeous Mark Copplestone sculpts to boot.

Italy: http://www.mirliton.it/
UK: http://www.vexillia.ltd.uk/

7. Mega Miniatures

US-based manufacturer bringing back many old school ranges. Some of the figures are small by today's standards (25mm), but there are some real gems to be found.


8. Victoria Miniatures

Australian based range of figures by Victoria Lamb, with a few interesting items for Empire players.


9. Avatars of War

Avatars of War (AoW) is a young company located in Spain that designs and manufactures 28mm fantasy miniatures, including a war priest, not unlike the GW ones.


10. Scibor Miniatures

Controversial Polish range including some GW-style Warrior Priests...


11. Black Scorpion Miniatures

This range of 30-32mm figures includes some GW Empire-style figures in the Desolation Row section.


12. Tertio Creativo

Spanish manufacturer of an Alatriste-like fantasy range with some figures that can crossover into a GW inspired Empire setting.


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