Manufacturer Showcase - Part 6 - Renaissance Ogres

1. Marauder MiniaturesThey've been OOP for close to two decades now, but the Marauder ogres still remain some of the best Renaissance style ogres out there. Ebay is a good source.


2. Games Workshop

GW's ogres tend towards the mongolian theme, but a couple of the man-eaters seem to be wearing renaissance style clothes.


3. Cavalcade Wargames

This US-based company produces a small range of conquistadore ogres.


4. Rackham

OOP but still relatively easily obtainable French range of miniatures, including some puffy-sleeved ogres. A small word of warning, they have rather odd, long necks, not always evident in the pictures.

5. Wargames Foundry

Foundry does a range of Landsknechts "Ogres" sculpted by Kev Adams to a pretty high standard. Originally they were labeled as Mercenary Great Orcs (which they are) which explains why they are painted green on the website.


6. Beaumont Miniatures/Frothersunite UK

Beaumont Miniatures now holds the rights to Brad Shier's Ogre Queen, which works well with the Marauder or Foundry figures. This figure was briefly available through frothersunite.com after taking first place in the Alice in Wonderland sculpting contest. It is not up on the Beaumont/Armorcast site yet, but it could not hurt to drop them a line to find out when it will be released. They also have a never released battlequeen conversion of it.

7. The Battleforge

Uk-based manufacturer of characterful fantasy figures, including some "Marauder" style renaissance ogres. 

Website: http://www.thebattleforge.co.uk/

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