Goblins with Spear and Crossbow - part 1

While the goblins are with Pete Brown for productionmoulding, I couldn't resist temptation to paint a couple spare mastercastings of the new ones. Last time I painted one with sword and shield and one with a handgun, this time I'd do one with spear and shield, one with a crossbow and two with halberds (see separate post).

The one with the spear uses one of the handless "shooter" bodies and the shield with a hand already sculpted onto it. I noticed after assembly that the shield is pointing a bit to the ground. It could have been placed differently with a quick pass with a needlefile on the sleeve. Hopefully this option will help to make them look sufficiently different from the "thrusting the spear with both hands" option (as seen on the second halberdier in the previous picture) and add to the variety. Oh, and the little scroll on the shield says "Up Yours". They may be dressed as civilised beings, but they're still rude goblins after all.

The crossbow goblin. Not much to say, other than that I realised when I started painting it that if I'd given it a spear instead of a crossbow, he'd look a lot like the marauder MM15 pikedwarf.

A group shot with the other two:

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