First building for the town

Last week at CRISIS 2011 I came upon a trader from France who had lots of those grey and red hard foam medieval/renaissance buildings (apparently made by/sold through Ziterdes in Europe,  though I've seen them under the Conflix label in the US). Now I had always  been sceptical about this stuff, but two of the buildings caught my eye that day and I had to admit they had quite a bit of detail on them and whoever made the original master put quite a lot of effort in them. I also liked how sturdy (and light) it all felt. There would be no need to worry about damage caused by someone accidentally bumping into it (you know who you are), or the bond of glue loosening as I always worry about on resin buildings. So I decided to take a chance and pick up the two I liked (the other is a watermill).

The true test of course would be how they look  with a coat of paint. After trying it, I think it works. Here's the first one, which is supposed to be a wizards house, but I'll probably use it as an apothecary or such.

Before and after view:

Close up of the front.

 A view from the side:

The backside, with a figure for scale:


  1. Hey that looks great WK! I might have to keep my eye out for those. Were they affordable?


  2. Those look great. I tried looking up Conflix, but didn't see either of those in the buildings offered at any of the retailers.

  3. Well, after having rechecked, I can't seem to find them either. There is one dealer I found (in Europe) that seems to be selling them alongside the conflix buildings, but it's true it doesn't state they are the same range. Guess I just assumed. But they can be had from the Ziterdes and Thomarillion sites.

  4. White Knight, I want to thank you for comments about my building, the Dwarf Brewery that is on Kickstarter, which you posted on Bugman's Brewery. I would have responded there, but I am only allowed on the site and not able to post.

    Like you, my goal is to create things for Dwarfs that are not now commercially available to the public. Like you building above, I have done somewhat the same thing for Blue Moon manufacturing in there 28mm line of figures.

    Again, I do very much appreciate the words that you offered on Bugman's and in day or so I will be offering more updated WIP pics, this time of the Brewery section and what will come with in resin pieces.