New Releases - Witchhunters and Lord Commander, Queen of Hearts and White Knight

The following figures have now been added to the "Getting Some" page:

WKM-83: The Queen of Hearts (1) (sculpted by Shane Hoyle)


WKM-84: The White Knight (1) (sculpted by Drew Williams)

WKM-92: Witchhunter/Daemonhunter retinue (sculpted by Mick Darpa)

WKM-93: Lord Commander of the Witchhunters (sculpted by Mick Darpa and FP)

WKM-94: Witchhunter Armoured Warhorse (sculpted by Mick Darpa and FP)


  1. Very nice...I am going to have to get an order together!

  2. Hello! I sent a mail last week inquiring about buying two sets of WKM-31: Generic Imperial Knights. I know life can be hectic, in which case answering hobby mail naturally become a lower priority. I'm just writing here in case my mail got filed as spam. Just want to say your range of miniatures are lovely and that I hope to hear from you soon, cheers!

  3. Are the witch hunters still available

    1. Yes, from the "getting some humans" page in the left side menu.