Dwarf Knightly Orders - Part 2

Now I could have left it at the vanilla knights and that would have been fine, but I had a hankering for creating a couple variant knightly orders, with their own heraldry and alternate weapon options. So the next release will be these 3 additional knightly orders, one of which will be an all new kit and two will be upgrades to be combined with the existing bodies.

I should apologise for the bad picture quality. I didn't have my camera, light was bad and I only had a short time before posting them to the mouldmaker for mastermoulding.

You can see most of it in this picture, except for one separate visor, a separate beard and an alternate pose for the hammer and morning star arm options.

1) The Order of the Great Bear, aka the Templar Knights of Ursa Major.

The set includes 4 templar bodies, armed with big hammers and wearing large bear pelts, a champion of the Order, a musician and a standard arm that fits on the trooper bodies. The bodies are also compatible with the lances from the generic knights.

Knights of the Great Bear. Each knight templar wears a heavy bear pelt and a helmet with bear heraldry:

Champion of Ursa Major. His characterful head bears the scars of many wars and conflicts.

Order of the Great Bear musician.

An extreme close-up at the standard top. Keep in mind this view is magnified many times and it's quite small in real life:

2) The Order of the White Boar

This one's a secular knightly order. The set contains 5 boar themed heads, including a new visor for the open helmet, morningstar weapon upgrades and 4 new shields. There are already bits to make the command for this order included in the generic command set, so none were required now.

3) The Order of the Raven, Templar Knights of the God of Death

This set contains 6 Raven/skull themed helmets, including a skullfaced visor for the open helmet, scythe arm upgrades, 4 themed shields, a standard for the standardbearer and new helmet tops for the champion and musician heads in the generic command set.

My favourite head from this lot, a tribute to the old Battlemasters lord figures (MB):

The helmets (third one comes with a separate beard, last one comes with a separate helmet top for casting):

These helmet tops are alternatives for the musician and champion head in the generic command set. The extra shield is for the champion:

The Boar and Ravenskull shields:

In case you need a reminder, these are the generic knights that these bits will go with:


  1. Wow wow wow wow!! What an update...they all look great!

  2. They'd look even better if you could see all the detail that is barely visible in the bad pictures!

  3. What a big update, the Raven order looks good.


  4. My employer asks for your bank account number :-D

  5. hello, how can i buy some of these dwarf miniatures? do u have online shop?

  6. Hi, you can find the instructions in the "Getting some" section to the left, under "About ordering". The Dwarf Knights are listed there under "Getting some dwarfs".