Dwarf Army Group Shot

I've been asked several times for a group shot and I've always put it off. Well, now I had the dwarf figures out, so I thought it was the occasion to snap a few pictures.

All the currently painted dwarfs (all units are still being added to), a mix of mostly Marauder and WK dwarfs, with a few citadel ones and conversions sprinkled around:

And a closer look at the regiments:

 I will try to do some with the humans, halflings, ogres, orcs and goblins next time.


  1. Very Impressive!
    These are such cool dwarves, and they look great en masse.

  2. Fantastic looking army. The dwarf warrior priest(?) is a favourite.

  3. Brilliant; been patiently waiting for this shot since the inception of your project. Wow :D

  4. Thanks, I will try to take a few pictures with the rest of the painted figures in this army (humans, ogres, orcs & goblins) (minus the older paintjobs that haven't been updated yet).

  5. WOW!, that is an incredible army! warrior priest is a conversion?

  6. Thanks! He is indeed a conversion. You can see more of him, including an unpainted shot here: http://whiteknightminiatureimperium.blogspot.be/2011/01/dwarf-cleric-warrior-priest.html