New moulds

In general news, mastermoulds have been made for:
- the 2 dwarf ponyriders + head variants,
- the 2 dwarf wenches,
- the 4 dwarf infantry figures with separate right arms + head variants
- the 2 dwarf infantry with separate hands/weapons

A production mould is ready for the initial set of 4 figures (infantry with separate spear/halberd hands + head variants)

I have a few mastercastings in my possession for the ponyriders and wenches and John will start in a couple weeks with the conversions to round out the cavalry set.

Mastercastings of the new infantry will hopefully be with me shortly, as will productioncastings of the first infantry set, along with a little bonus surprise.

More on this later.


  1. Must be extremely exciting for you seeing them turned into pure metal. Hopefully you'll take a few good pictures, so we can all see. And then, we just hope to see the first 4 available - asap :)

  2. Yes, in a way, getting the first metal castings is almost just as exciting as opening a box of new greens. Must be the feeling that they are truly finished.