Dwarf Cleric / Warrior Priest

My first warrior priest... with a twist. He's supposed to be an imperial dwarf warriorpriest, converted from an Alionas miniature. Additions include the plastic hammers, new face and head, new breastplate, sculpted holy book, icons on the shoulderplates and some smaller mods. This is an attempt to reconcile classic marauder feel with present day empire iconography, using a basemodel that is neither citadel or marauder. I think he came out ok. The original mini had a beard which got removed and replaced with a decorated breastplate. A beardless dwarf would be odd though, so I decided to hide the lower half of the face with a neckguard (which is typical of WP's anyway) and show just a hint of hairgrowth. The original head was pretty small too, so I bulked it out and resculpted the face. His shoulderplates received one of those german crosses and a twintailed comet.

The conversion before painting:

A few more pics with better lighting.

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