Village Of Fear Buildings

A while ago, I've been rummaging through some of the old boxes in my parents garage because 15-20 years ago I had a couple hero-quest type boardgames and one of them was called the "village of fear" and came with a load of part plastic and part cardboard buildings à la mordheim. I wasn't expecting much of them since these things tend to look bigger and cooler in our childhood memories, but when I found and opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised. They are a VERY good size and nicely detailed (not as crisp as the current warhammer buildings, but then these are almost 20 years old). I'm planning to replace the cardboard walls with some nice, 3-dimensional new ones and they should look very good when done. I especially like the windmill bits. They're all depicting buildings in bad state, with holes in the roof, but they'll do for the more neglected parts of town. The Mayor's house:

The Miller's ... um... mill:

The ruined inn:

The ruined... ruins. The chimney and the decorative entrance will be scavenged for other, new buildings:

The set also had small flasks and a few pairs of boots with wings (magic items) in the proper scale.

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